Support and Shoot – Finishing

Set Up: There are 8-10 players set up on the long field, with players starting at the cones.

Procedure: Player A begins the drill with a run from the end line. Player B touches the ball to Player A, who passes it up to Player C and makes a supporting run. Player C passes the ball up to Player D as Player A runs thru to support him. Player D lays the ball off for Player A to finish. Upon completion, Player A goes to Player F’s line, and the drill runs in the opposite direction. New players rotate in for Players C and D every two to three minutes.

Teaching Topics:
1 First time shooting.
2 Finishing runs.
3 Angle of approach.

1 Run two groups at the same time.

Coaching Points:
1 The shot does not need to be overpowered. Just make solid contact.
2 Slow down the approach so that you can adjust to the layoff pass.
3 Make a curved run to the ball in order to create a better shooting angle.