Short, Long Circuit – Passing Patterns

Set Up: There are 5-8 players set up in the small grid, starting in the corners.

Procedure: To begin the drill, Player A passes back to Player B, and then runs to the next corner. Player B plays the ball across the grid to Player C, who touches it back to Player A. Player A passes across to the next corner to Player D as Player C supports. The players continue move around the grid in this back pass/long pass pattern, and the direction of the drill changes every 2-3 minutes.

Teaching Topics:
1 The Long pass
2 The Back pass.
3 Communication.

1 Add two more players, and use two balls.

Coaching Points:
1 The long pass is struck with the instep and stays on the ground.
2 The back pass should take most of the pace off of the long pass.
3 While the long pass moving, the support player has to show and communicate.