Smedley’s Square – Passing and Receiving

Set-Up: There are 8-10 players set up inside the grid, starting at the corners. Two balls are used during the drill.

Procedure: At the start of the drill, two players dribble out of the same corner (A) in opposite directions. From there, the players dribble halfway across the grid and pass to the next corner. When the ball reaches the corner across from the start (B), play moves diagonally across the square and back to the start. The drill continues in this pattern, with one player going left at the start (A), and the next one going right.

Teaching Topics:
1 Positive first touch.
2 Footwork.
3 Speed dribbling.

1 Make two touch passes out of every corner.

Coaching Points:
1 Run out of the corner, making the first touch straight at the next corner.
2 Get your feet set early when receiving, and be up on your toes.
3 Move the ball at game speed—dribble at full speed and strike game speed passes.