Pass and Follow, #3 – Passing Patterns

Set Up: There are 8-10 players set up inside of the grid, using four or five balls.

Procedure: Half of the players start with a ball, dribbling around the grid and looking to connect with another player. Players without the ball make runs into open spaces and call for the ball. The passers lead the receivers into the space, and then follow their own pass into a supporting position. More players can be added to the drill to increase the speed and difficulty of the exercise.

Teaching Topics:
1 Timing the runs.
2 Verbal and visual cues.
3 Passes into space.

1 Play any zonal game where players follow passes into the next zone.

Coaching Points:
1 The receiver must make eye contact with the passer and call for each pass.
2 Lead the receiver into the space with the pass and make him sprint onto it.
3 Before passing, look up and check for the target at least once.