Pass and Follow, #2 – Passing Patterns

Set Up: There are 6-8 players set up in the small grid, with players starting in the corners of the grid.

Procedure: Each player dribbles halfway across the grid and then makes a lead pass to the player coming out of the corner. The drill continues around the grid in one direction, with all of the players following their own pass to the next cone. A second ball can be added to the drill to increase the speed and difficulty of the exercise. The players should change the direction of the drill every two to three minutes.

Teaching Topics:
1 Verbal and visual cues.
2 Passes into space.
3 Speed of play.

1 One touch passes only.
2 The players can change direction at any time.

Coaching Points:
1 The receiver must make eye contact with the passer and call for each pass.
2 Before passing, look up and check for the target at least once.
3 Lead the receiver into the space with the pass and make him sprint onto it.