Long Pass with Combos, #1 – Passing Patterns

Set Up: Two pairs of players are set up at opposite ends of the long grid.

Procedure: Player A begins the drill with a long driven pass across the grid to Player B. Player B combines with Player C (wall pass, double pass, overlap) and drives the ball back across the grid to Player D. Player A shows for the next pass and combines with Player D to send it back across. The drill continues back and forth across the grid in this pattern. Players A and D change positions with each turn, as do Players B and C.

Teaching Topics:
1 Verbal communication.
2 The back pass.
3 The long pass.

1 Add a third player at each end of the grid.

Coaching Points:
1 Before the long pass is struck, show yourself and talk to your partner.
2 Play the back pass with one touch and take most of the pace off of the long ball.
3 The long pass is a driven ball, struck hard with the instep.