Lead Pass Cycle – Passing Patterns

Set Up: Six players are set up in the small grid, starting at the cones.

Procedure: Player A initiates the play by making his run into space and calling for the ball. Player B leads Player A towards the next cone with his pass, and as Player A
receives, Player C initiates the next passing play with his run into space. Play continues counter-clockwise around the triangle. All passes should be made in one or two touches, and the players should reverse direction every two minutes.

Teaching Topics:
1 Communication.
2 Speed of play.
3 Passing.

1 Limit the players to
one touch.

Coaching Points:
1 Both players should talk and make eye contact with each other on every pass.
2 A poor first touch will slow the play down and throw off the timing of the run.
3 Strike the top half of the ball in order to keep it on the ground.