Combo Circuit, #3 – Combination Play

Set Up: There are 12-15 players set up on the small field, starting at the cones.

Procedure: During the drill, the ball moves clockwise around the grid, with the players performing combinations in each corner. In corners A and C, the two players combine to send the player thru towards the next corner. In corners B and D, the two players perform a wall pass to send the player towards the next corner. The players follow their passes to the next cone during play, and there should always be two balls moving during the drill.

Teaching Topics:
1 The Wall pass.
2 Passing.
3 Timing the runs.

1 Quick two touch play with each pass.

Coaching Points:
1 A poor first pass in the wall pass combination will lead to a poor second pass.
2 The thru pass can be played into space for the receiver to run onto.
3 Hold the thru runs so that you can sprint onto the ball as you receive it.