Long Pass and Support – Passing Patterns

Set Up: There are three players set up inside of the grid, with two players starting on one end and one player at the opposite end.

Procedure: Player A begins the drill with a long driven pass to Player B. Player B plays it back to Player C and makes a run into space. Player C lays the ball off for Player B, who drives the ball back across the grid to Player A. Player C then sprints across the grid to support Player A, and the drill continues back and forth across the grid in this short, short, long pattern. The players switch positions every thirty seconds in order to give the support player enough rest time.

Teaching Topics:
1 The long pass
2 The back pass.
3 Communication.

1 Two support players make their runs from the center.

Coaching Points:
1 The long pass is a driven ball, struck with the instep. It stays low and has backspin.
2 The back pass should settle to the ground and take most of the pace off of the long ball.
3 While the long pass is in the air, the support player has to show and call for the ball.